Ashley & Tyler's Wedding

Who: Ashley & Tyler

Where: North Myrtle Beach, SC

When: Sept. 3rd, 2021

Ashley and Tyler had an extravagant wedding with all the bells and whistles. This couple ventured from Long Island, New York to North Myrtle Beach to have the destination wedding of their dreams. The wedding itself was something out of a Hollywood movie; fireworks, smoke machines, photogenic attendees; all the ingredients to make this couple's special day one for the books. Ashley was dressed in a gorgeous gown that draped for what seemed like miles and her new husband to be dressed to the nines to compliment her; this couple pulled out all the stops to look jaw-dropping on their wedding day. To be able to capture this day for this amazing couple was an absolute treat and felt very much like being on the set of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

The air was electric and filled with laughter that was contagious, you could feel the joy oozing from this newlywed couple which made the whole evening even more intoxicating than the champagne that flowed. The venue made it feel all that more special to see all their friends and family venture from all over to celebrate the bonding of Ashley and Tyler in matrimony.

Look below to see some of my favorite shots:


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