Carmen & Dan's Wedding

Who: Carmen & Dan

Where: Mango Point, Kiawah Island, SC

When: Oct. 10th, 2021

Carmen and Dan were some of the most wonderful couples I had the privilege of photographing. I felt the love that they had for each other instantly when I first met them. They were very laid back and even more in love. The setting for their wedding was at the gorgeous Mango Point on Kiawah Island. The location and setting were warm and inviting and looked right off the marsh, it gave the photos an authentic Charleston feel. Being able to capture Carmen’s beautiful wedding gown in such a breathtaking atmosphere added a very vintage and fairytale-esque feel to the photos; almost something out of Cinderella. The ceremony was quaint and intimate, Carmen and Dan were joined by a small entourage comprised of their family and friends for their special day.

After their ceremony, we traveled to one of Charleston’s famous landmarks, The Angel Oak Tree. This amazing tree is located on Johns Island which is adjacent to Kiawah Island. Where I got the privilege to photograph one of my favorite spots in Charleston as well as a beautiful couple. The couple was joined with their three beautiful dogs as well as Carmen's loving parents.

Look below to see some of my favorite shots:


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